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Laboratory Specialist

  • NEOM, Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia

Job description

  • Prepare materials mix design for concrete and pavement works.
  • Monitor and control the plant produced materials and execution.
  • Coordinate with the project consultants regarding quality control procedure, construction methods and acceptance of work.
  • Supervise and conduct actual testing. Prepare and evaluate reports relating to materials laboratory investigation for all proposed source of materials.
  • Assured that the detailed frequencies of tests for all materials must be executed according to the required specifications.
  • Coordinate with supplier to conduct actual calibration of laboratory tools and instruments.
  • Daily inspection of all production plants, the materials being used and the actual production.
  • Conduct orientation to all laboratory staff the proper use of all laboratory instruments and apparatus. Also instruct all concern for proper maintenance to avoid breakdowns.
  • Prepare laboratory testing monthly report, work progress chart and logs and submit to consultant

Job requirements


  • Diploma / Bachelor's degree in Engineer (Geologist l or Chemistry)

Required Experience:

  • 3 to 5 years' experience.