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Director, Business Applications (Solution Architect)

  • Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
Information technology

Job description

  • Job Purpose: 

To oversee the implementation of Business Applications within the Company, work with team to ensure that systems are properly designed and implemented in a way that meets the needs of the business.

  • Principal Accountabilities: 

Applications Management

  1. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of existing business processes and recommending improvements to them
  2. Manage training sessions for employees on the use of software applications
  3. Develop strategic business plans for the Company based on emerging industry trends, new technologies, and other factors that could have an impact on the Company’s success in the future
  4. Review financial reports and other documents to ensure that all accounting records are accurate
  5. Develop new technologies within the Company’s infrastructure
  6. Serve as a liaison between IT and other departments within the Company to ensure that all business processes are supported by technology
  7. Manage data analysis from surveys and focus groups to determine users’ satisfaction levels with products and services

People Management & Development

  1. Manage & evaluate employees’ performance with continuous feedback on their assigned tasks and provide development opportunities to maximize the potential and engagement of employees
  2. Manage the talent pipeline through effective utilization of employee development programs, mentoring programs, career planning and succession planning
  3. Manage employees changes through continuous improvement of systems, processes and practices taking best practice into account, changes in standards and changes in the business environment which demand proactive action plans

Policies, Processes & Procedures

  1. Manage the implementation of procedures and controls covering all areas so that all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective services
  2. Ensure compliance to all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures and controls across the department in order to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance and a responsible environmental attitude
  3. Ensure the implementation of various information security practices and standards to ensure compliance with relevant policies and the protection of Company data and information
  • Key Relationships


  • · Director, Business Application
  • Information Technology Department’s Employees
  • Departments Employees


  • Vendors

Job requirements


Bachelor in related specialist


  • 10+ years of relevant solid Business Applications background
  • 3+ years’ experience of managing a similar function in a construction organization
  • Certificates in business applications systems