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  • Al Hafouf , Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Job description

  1. Administer subcontractors’ documentation including unsigned subcontractors’ revisions, current insurance, bonding, statutory declarations, condition/unconditional lien releases, etc
  2. Review/address subcontractors’ cost discrepancies with Project Managers
  3. Review, monitor, and ensure all payments to project subcontractors within contract terms and conditions accurately
  4. Review contracts to understand payment terms, billing requirements, cost of work definition, and other requirements/allowances
  5. Analyse the cost of work allowances, and ensure that are maximized by proper setup and administration of the project information and up to operation needs
  6. Understand and support insurance administrative requirements for the project
  7. Identify and communicate any potential/real claims for the project to reporting manager
  8. Work closely with projects to share experience, reduce risks, and achieves business objectives successfully
  9. Support other financial tracking and audit requirements as directed by reporting manager
  10. Maintain and update all accounting transactions in an accessible tracking system accurately

Job requirements

-Bachelor (Finance, Accounting)

-3+ years of relevant experience in construction accounting

-CCA /CMA /CPA certificates preferrable

-For SAUDI only.